Monday, April 6, 2009

Atlanta -- Part I

Hi Kids,
By now I hope you've gotten some of my postcards. Miss Elaine mailed them at the hotel front desk each morning and when she was checking out, they asked if I had enjoyed my stay. Oh, yes! We stayed at the Marriott Marquis downtown. I don't know how tall it was but we were on the 36th floor and there were a lot of floors below us. The strange picture is what it looked like looking down 36 floors. When a building has an open center from bottom to top, that's called an atrium. Do you know where that word comes from? Don't you just love the view? Miss Elaine held on to me tightly!!!

The first day we went to the Martin Luther King, Jr. historical site. I wrote you a card about that. Then we went to the Carter Presidential Library and Museum. I got my picture taken with a new friend, Little Louis. He's from Wisconsin, he says, but I think he looks Australian! We didn't get to sit in the president's chair like I did in Texas. (Okay, I know you haven't seen that picture yet because Miss Elaine is really behind on my blog -- but, trust me, she'll help me get it done one of these days!) Little Louis and I sat in chairs in front of a picture of the President's desk.

President Carter worked very hard to bring peace to the Middle East and he was given a very special prize -- the Nobel Peace Prize. Dr. King got one, too, for his work in civil rights. Did you know that there are only two cities in the whole world where two people have received Nobel Prizes? Atlanta is one and Johannesburg, South Africa, is the other.

I'll bet you can guess that going to the World of Coca-Cola was one of my favorite things in Atlanta. Coke was invented here! When you tour the World of Coca-Cola, you will learn about the history -- more people around the world recognize the Coca-Cola label than any other label. There are several theaters here -- my favorite was in 4-D -- not only did things seem to come off the screen, but the chairs moved and we even got splashed with water. I wasn't scared and I held on tight to Miss Elaine so she wouldn't be scared either. I got a big hug from the Coca-Cola polar bear. He gave me a big kiss, too. His breath smelled like fish, but I didn't say anything.

On Friday I went with my friend Little Perk (his whole name is Perkerson Price). We had a party with his class -- teddy grahams and Kool-Aid. He stayed with his class. The class loved me, too. This is Trayveon holding me. I'm glad I have so many new friends. They were very happy to get the cards you sent and they loved the picture of you and Mrs. Kysar.

I will write more when I get a chance. Miss Elaine is ALWAYS using the computer to work on her book and I have to sneak on when I can. We are going to St. Louis Wednesday. I hope we get to finish writing about Texas and Georgia before we write about Missouri but I'm not counting on it!



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