Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Whew! I finally got to use the computer! I have such cool pictures to show you and Miss Elaine has been hogging the keyboard! I didn't get to tell you about the really neat baseball things I did in St. Louis. St. Louis is going to host the All-Star Game in July -- that's why we went to the city.
The first thing that happened after we landed is -- we went to Albert Pujol's restaurant. Okay, I'll admit that Miss Elaine had to tell me that he is probably the best player in baseball today. When we walked in, I saw a tall, black man sitting at a table with the other writers. He was really handsome and was wearing a gold necklace. There was a lady and a little girl there, too. Guess what -- it was Albert Pujols and his wife and daughter. They were really nice and his little girl wanted to hold me. I liked her a lot.
Albert and I got our picture taken together -- then Miss Elaine got in the picture. Albert signed a baseball for me.
Later in the week, I met Mike Shannon. He is the announcer for the Cardinals -- and he used to play for the team. He has a restaurant, too. I guess baseball players get really hungry! I got my picture taken with him, too.
Miss Elaine left me in the hotel the night she ate at Tony's -- a really fancy restaurant. She said it was because it was raining, not because I eat with my paws because I can't hold a knife and fork! Anyway, she met Tony LaRussa, the Cardinal's manager (he used to play baseball, too). She said he was really nice and he signed an autograph for William Shorow. I wish I had been there -- I bet I could have gotten another picture. I help Miss Elaine that way a lot.
I also got to go to the Build-A-Bear Workshop at Busch Stadium. You know I was born in St. Louis. I met lots of friends and Miss Elaine made a Fredbird (the Cardinal mascot). They mailed him to us. He's nice, but he doesn't get to go on trips like I do.
And I'm leaving on another trip this morning -- so look for postcards. Miss Elaine and I are going to Knoxville, Tennessee.



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