Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Well, Miss Elaine decided I could go out and at least see the dogsledding. I met Maury who owns the dogs. He uses 10 dogs per team. He built his own sled. It weighs 44 pounds. That was before Miss Elaine and her friend Miss Cindy got on! Maury bit my ear! I think he said that's how you get acquainted with the dogs. I didn't like it! In case he didn't notice, I'm a BEAR and we don't let anybody bite our ears. One of his helpers introduced me to two of the dogs but I didn't want to get too close. Then Miss Elaine let me sit in the sled. It was COLD! She let me sit in the car when she went sledding. It was a good thing. The sled tipped over a couple of times and she got dumped in the snow. She looked really funny because she was wearing a spiderman face mask. She got snow in the eyeholes! Miss Elaine, Miss Cindy and Maury weighed 506 pounds all together. Add the weight of the sled. Can you figure out how many pounds each of the 10 dogs was pulling?

Friday, January 23, 2009

Up to my Neck in Snow

Here I am in Minnesota. There's deep snow everywhere and in the distance, the lake is frozen solid. There are cars out on the lake and little houses where fishermen cut holes in the ice and sit in their little houses and fish. I'm staying in this morning while Miss Elaine goes dogsledding. She will tell me all about it when she gets back. I'm a pretty brave bear, but I wasn't sure I trusted a bunch of big dogs. She tried to tell me I would be okay -- but she didn't buy me a jacket or snow boots and it's really cold outside! She is going snowmobiling this afternoon. I'm taking a nap! I hope you're having a good day. I like to travel but it's 2 outside!!!!