Monday, December 3, 2018

The Really Grand Canyon

Hi Kids,
     The Grand Canyon isn't the biggest or longest canyon in the world but it is the biggest one in the United States. And it is considered the most beautiful canyon anywhere. It is 277 miles long -- just a bit longer than the distance from the top to the bottom of Oklahoma.
     It was created by the Colorado River -- and erosion -- over 3 to 6 million years. If you could see through the hole in the rock in the picture below, you could see the river -- looking like a tiny thread -- about a mile down. If you look very closely, you can see people on top of that big rock.

     There are many different kinds of animals that live in the canyon. Park rangers offer talks about many of them. Here I have just enjoyed a talk about ravens. (This is a puppet in the picture, but you get the idea.) They are very large, black birds and are very smart. They can even unzip ziplock bags to get at food!
     This is me sitting on a statue of Brighty. You might want to read the book about him -- it's called Brighty of the Grand Canyon by Marguerite Henry. He was a wild burro who lived here long ago.

        I hope you enjoyed seeing my pictures. Have you been to the Grand Canyon? It's in Arizona. It was a two-and-a-half day drive from Edmond. Can you find Arizona on a map? Look at the top of the map of the state -- the Grand Canyon is sort of in the middle near the top. Do you know what direction is at the top of the map? There are lots of things to learn about travel. I want to share my adventures with you -- and I hope you get to do some traveling, too.
Your new friend,