Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fuzzy Visits a Castle

Hi Kids,
     There are several castles in Denmark but Kronborg Castle may be one of the most well-known. The castle is hundreds of years old. It was old when Shakespeare wrote a famous play, Hamlet, about a Danish prince who lived in the castle. When you get older, you may read, or, even better, see the play. This statue of Hamlet is outside the train station.
     It was a long walk to the castle. We had to cross a moat.  Lots of time, castle builders surrounded castles with water so invaders couldn't get close to the castle walls.

     The castle is protected by tall walls. The castle has a big courtyard in the middle.
     One of the coolest thing about our visit was that actors performed scenes from Hamlet in different parts of the castle. The first scene we saw was in the courtyard. Yorick, the court jester, came out and sang a song about the wicked king. Long ago, when there was no TV and no cell phones, kings hired entertainers -- jesters. The king did not like the song and Yorick got in trouble.
     I was visiting with him, but I didn't get in trouble. Remember, this is all just for fun. We got to throw wet sponges at Yorick for his punishment.
     Later, we listened to him tell stories to the pretend Queen and her companion.
     In between parts of the play, we got to look at a lot of the rooms in the castle.  This was the ballroom -- where they had parties. You could have a REALLY big party in this room. 
     The last part of the play is exciting -- and sad. Hamlet and his friend get mad at each other and have a sword fight. As you can imagine, the play does not have a happy ending.
     I was glad it was just a play. I had a good day seeing Kronborg Castle. And I got to ride on a train to get back to our hotel. 
Your friend,
P.S. There's more in the next post.

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