Thursday, October 17, 2019

Fuzzy Goes to Denmark's Disneyland

Hi Kids,
     No, this isn't Disneyland, it's Copenhagen's famous Tivoli Gardens. Like Disneyland, it is a beautiful place with lots of flowers and pretty buildings, rides, and entertainment. But the first Disney park is only 64 years old. Tivoli Gardens opened 176 years ago.
     There are exciting rides like these and relaxing rides like boat rides. 
     The merry-go-round is my favorite ride. This one is two stories. Can you see the stairs in the picture?
     Isn't this pretty? A lot of Danish people just go to the park to enjoy the flowers, to have a picnic, or eat in one of the restaurants.
     This pirate ship is really a restaurant. That's where we ate dinner. It was very good. 

     We didn't see any pirates but it was still a little scary. I wasn't too sure about sitting by this skull, but they told me it wasn't real.
     Isn't this building colorful? It has a Chinese design. Do you see the peacock's tail? That's actually the curtain in front of the stage. But it's not made of cloth and it doesn't go up and down.
     They put on plays here. This play was a pantomime -- no talking, just acting. It was a very old kind of play from Italy. It was funny. These two characters were very clumsy. Also in the play were a beautiful girl and her boyfriend and a clown who played tricks on everyone.
     This was the end of the play. You can see how the curtain closes. After it was over, I got to meet one of the actors -- the clown.
     He was very friendly. This is just one thing I like about traveling. There are nice people all over the world!
P.S. The End!

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