Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fluffy Visits the Capitol

Hi Kids,

Last week I visited the capitol in the capital. Do you know the difference in these two words? The capitol is a cool building. Out in front you can see a statue called "As Long As the Waters Run" and on top of the building is "The Guardian." Both of these sculptures were made by Indian artists.

I got to meet Governor Fallin. I thought she was very pretty. And I think she thought I was cute!

There are lots of neat things to see in the capitol. I love looking up at the dome. Miss Elaine laid down on her back so she could take this shot. Sometimes she embarrasses me!

This is the fourth floor rotunda. You can see part of the dome and some of the paintings around it. Below is one of my favorites. It shows Oklahoma's five Indian ballerinas. The artist is an Indian, too.

There are lots of paintings in the building and in the basement, there's an art gallery with more paintings, pottery and sculpture. Maybe this summer you can visit the capitol, too.



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