Monday, January 18, 2010

Florida Adventure Part 1

Hi Kids,

Miss Elaine and I have been to Polk County in the middle of Florida. We saw lots of really cool things. The picture above is in a beautiful garden in Lakeland.

We ate at lots of different places and we shopped some, too. Miss Elaine let me ride this antique rocking horse -- but she didn't buy it for me. I guess it wouldn't fit in the suitcase!

One day we went to a neat museum called Fantasy of Flight. They have lots of airplanes there. Our guide was called Smilin' Jack and he was dressed like a 1920s barnstormer. Do you know what a barnstormer is? I bet you can look it up.

Among the planes we saw was a replica (that means a copy -- not the real thing) of Wiley Post's airplane, the Winnie Mae. Wiley Post was a famous aviator and inventor and he was from Oklahoma.

Another day we had an outing at a dude ranch -- River Ranch. Our horse's name was Gus and he was a really good horse. We rode through a pasture with rodeo bulls in it and along side a pond and under trees that had Spanish moss hanging on them.

After we went horseback riding, we went for an airboat ride. We saw nine alligators. This one was the biggest. We called him Big Al. He was about twelve feet long. If you don't think that's very long, lie down on the floor and let your teacher measure you. How many of you would have to lie head to toe to be as long as Big Al? I'm guessing three -- let me know if I am right or wrong.

I had such a good time on my trip that I'm going to have to write one or two more blog posts to tell you more about it. Look for another one soon.



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