Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Cool Christmas in Nashville

Hi Kids,

As you know from my postcard, Miss Elaine and I have been to Nashville, Tennessee. The whole town is getting ready for the holidays and I got to see some really neat things. One was an exhibit at the Opryland Hotel. Called ICE, it was really cool. I mean REALLY cool -- 9 degrees Fahrenheit. As you can tell, the exhibit stars all the Peanuts characters -- made out of ice.

And Snoopy and Charlie Brown weren't the only things made out of ice. This is an ice slide. Miss Elaine took me down twice! She wanted a friend to take our picture but the camera batteries were getting too cold and didn't work very well.

Isn't Snoopy's doghouse neat? The ice carvers were from China and worked day and night for over a month to get ICE ready.

At the end of the Peanuts display, there was an icy manger scene.

After we saw ICE, we had dinner then went to the Radio City Christmas Show. The stars of the show were the Rockettes -- tall, beautiful dancers who can kick really high. Two of them posed for a picture with me. The one on the left graduated from the University of Oklahoma but now she lives in New York -- except when she's traveling with a show like this one. Do you think I'm too short to be a Rockette?



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