Saturday, March 7, 2009

Working Bear

Miss Elaine and I have been busy working on the Tulsa guidebook. We spent three days there this week. Mostly my job was to guard the car. Grrrrr -- I just dare anyone to try to get in! But sometimes Miss Elaine took me in with her -- like when she went to Kaleidoscope, a children's museum. There were lots of things to do. I played like I worked in a grocery store and in the doctor's office, Miss Nancy from the city convention and visitors' bureau (she was showing us around the town) let me listen to her heart. Then I got put in jail -- but it was just a joke!
I loved the playhouse. Do you like my comfy spot by the fireplace?

Later we went to a small Route 66 museum next to a Harley-Davidson motorcycle dealers'. I got to sit on the handlebars but Miss Elaine NEVER lets me drive anything. I think I would be good at it if I could reach the pedals!

I was guarding the car -- again -- when Miss Elaine went into an Embassy Suites hotel to check it out. Guess who lives there? Another bear! Miss Elaine took me in to meet him. He was still wearing his pajamas and it was after 9 o'clock. I was polite and didn't mention it to him. I thought maybe he would come with me and be another friend for Oso but he was too tired.



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Anonymous said...

I love it Elaine! You're the best bear mom!