Wednesday, February 5, 2020


Hi Kids,
     We had a snow day in Oklahoma today! It looks really pretty but it's really cold. Miss Elaine and I stayed in the house. I know people in other parts of the country are more used to snow and cold weather. Here are some of the things they do when it gets cold.
     A couple of years ago, Miss Elaine and one of my cousins went to Minnesota. He got to ride in a dog sled.
     He said it was a lot of fun. The dogs were really fast. Once when they went around a corner, the sled tipped over and Miss Elaine and Teddy got dumped into the snow. It didn't hurt but it was cold. 
     There are lots of lakes in Minnesota and when they freeze, people go fishing through the ice. Sometime they have contests.
     The ice is so thick they can drive trucks on them. Every fisherman cuts a little hole in the ice. This nice man visited with Teddy. He had a little electric heater. And he's dressed very warmly. Can you see his little fishing pole? He has it on a little orange stand. 
     People there also like to ride snow mobiles. Here's Miss Elaine on one. They rode up and down hills and through trees and even across a lake. It was fun.

    Another year she took my cousin Vanilla to Quebec. They have a big carnival there every winter. There are lots of things to do. There are even buildings made of ice like this one.
     There are hills to ski on.
     And a hockey rink for kids.
     There are horse and sleigh races.
    And they drag big rubber rafts to the top of a hill, then slide down.
     They carve sculptures out of ice. Here is Vanilla with a sculpture of a mother and baby dinosaur.
    She liked making maple popsicles. You dig a little hole in the snow and pour maple syrup in it. Then you stick a popsicle stick in the syrup. When it gets really cold, it is hard like a popsicle. I like maple syrup on pancakes but this sounds good, too.

     Some people -- I think they are silly -- take snow baths. What do you think?
    I think a lot of these things would be fun. But it was nice staying inside and being warm and reading books. I hope you had a good day.
Your friend,

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