Tuesday, June 5, 2018


It's been an age since I've blogged. I have excuses but none of them are really great. So what has driven me to try and remember how to do this? A brother who doesn't Facebook or Dropbox -- and I want to show off to.

I've long thought that a zip line would be fun but my knees would take a look at the stairs involved and convince my head that it was a bad idea. So when I found out that the zip line at Palo Duro Canyon (near Amarillo) didn't involve stairs, just a couple of bridges, I was in.

Here's what I didn't know -- the bridges were swingers with just cables to hang on to. I'll tell you right now, that was the scariest part of the whole adventure. The bridge to the take-off spot was 180 feet long. I had to just look at the platform ahead and tell myself "I'm almost there. I'm almost there" as I swayed across a chasm. I'm hoping the two videos work -- one is from the start of my zip, the other from the landing. Thanks, Jon Jarosh and Laura Watilo Blake for documenting my zip!

The zip line was about a quarter of a mile long and lasted less than a minute. The picture below is the second bridge which was 300 feet long and it was just as scary as the first. Would I do it again? You bet. But I'm looking for a zip line with an elevator.

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