Sunday, October 9, 2011

Taking the Train to Hit the Trail

Hi Kids,

Week before last Miss Elaine, Mr. Jack and I took a train trip to Fort Worth, Texas. I LOVE the train -- the seats are roomy and comfortable, the scenery is great and there's even a snack car! In the picture at the top, you can see part of the Oklahoma City train station through the train window. This is me in my comfy seat.

We saw lots of museums in Fort Worth. My favorite was the Cowgirl Museum. It's not as big as the Cowboy Museum here in Oklahoma City, but it's still really good. I got to pose for a picture on this little pony. Miss Elaine and I made a video of us riding a bucking horse -- but she can't download it. It wasn't a real horse anyway -- more like a rocking horse -- but it was fun.

We got to see real horses and cattle when we visited the Stockyards. Cowboys used to drive their cattle up the Chisholm Trail -- this is me by a Chisholm Trail marker.

Every day, cowboys do a mini-cattle drive. This is one of the cowboys and he let me ride on his horse.
I really liked seeing the longhorn cattle -- but those horns were scary!


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