Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fluffy Meets Fidget

Hi Kids,
I can't tell you how boring it's been at my house. I've been sitting in the bedroom for two months now -- just looking at the suitcase and wondering when I'm going to get to go somewhere again. Miss Elaine always has the same excuse, "I'm working on the book." So we haven't been anywhere. But I never shared this video with you from our trip to St. Louis, so I made her help me post it. We were at the St. Louis Zoo which is just about our favorite zoo of all time. Ask me if I really got to meet Fidget. No! He was afraid of me so I had to get in the bag -- then he was afraid of the bag! So I had to sit in a corner -- but I peeked out a little bit. I hope you enjoy the video. Do you think you can find out where Magellenic penguins live -- besides the zoo?

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