Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Bear in Town

Hi Kids!
I'd like to introduce myself -- but I can't! I don't have a name! I don't even know if I'm a boy bear or a girl bear. I'm waiting for you kids in Mrs. Kysar's class to name me -- it will be such a relief! Right now when anyone asks me my name, I just growl at them. I know that's not very nice -- I'm really a friendly bear -- I just need your help.

I'm going to be traveling with Miss Elaine this year and I'll write back to you and send you pictures of the places I've been. And I'll blog, too, so you can check on me when you have computer time.

Miss Elaine took me on my first trip this week. It was just a short one, so I could get used to traveling. We went to Sand Springs -- that's just west of Tulsa. Can you find it on your Oklahoma map?

We went to Discoveryland! -- a really cool place with an outdoor theater. A nice cowboy let me ride on his horse. We had a really good dinner and then we watched an Indian dancer. His name is Bear O'Field. He belongs to the Cherokee and Creek Nations. He went to his first pow-wow when he was three days old and has been dancing since he was old enough to walk. He made his own costume. Can you see the bears on it? He told me that "bear" in the Creek language is "nokuse" (it sounds like nah-goo-see).

We learned a lot at Discoveryland. We learned about the Pony Express. Did you know that you can get a post card at Discoveryland and the Pony Express man will mail it for you? Miss Elaine would have let me send you a card but she couldn't remember the address. I can see that she's going to need my help a lot this year.

After the Pony Express man rode off, we watched some singers and dancers. Then the main show came on. It was the musical Oklahoma! by Rodgers and Hammerstein. That's where our state song came from. It was a good play but I got sleepy so Miss Elaine let me burrow into her bag and take a nap.

I can't wait to come see you. Please be thinking of a good name for me!



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