Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Signs of Spring

Hi Kids,

I LOVE this spring weather. Miss Elaine took me outside this afternoon and I looked around for signs of spring. As you will see from the pictures, I found daffodils and tulips coming up and the Lenten roses are really blooming nicely. I was surprised to see the little yellow blossoms on the holly. I didn't know they bloomed! I always get excited when the weather gets warm. Of course, I don't hibernate like real bears but I do like to stay inside when it's cold. Did you know some animals hibernate when it's hot? Only it's not called "hibernation." Do you know what the word is? Can you find it? Some reptiles do it and hedgehogs don't like either really cold or really hot weather! I LOVE SPRING!

Oh, oh! I hear the tornado sirens? Did you have to stay at school when they went off? I LOVE SPRING -- but I HATE tornadoes!!!
Be safe!

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