Friday, December 5, 2008

Teddy Takes (Another) Holiday

This post if from Teddy's October 2nd to 5th trip to Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Teddy's been on vacation while I've been working. Okay, so working and Rosemary Beach are oxymoronic! My work consisted of living like the other half -- more like the other one per cent! Rosemary Beach is elegant and expensive and oh, so relaxing. My apartment was a in carriage house -- upstairs over a garage with a loft bedroom. The chauffer never had it so good! Teddy didn't enjoy the beach as much as I did. He wasn't fond of sand in his fur. But he did like stretching out in a beach chair and, later, doing the same by the pool. Teddy particularly enjoyed riding in the basket of my tricycle!

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