Monday, September 2, 2019

Fuzzy in Space

Hi Kids,
    I've been out of this world on a planet far, far away. Well, actually, I've been to Disney World but they have a whole new section called Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge. It's all pretend, but it's really like being on a strange planet. In this case, the planet is called Batuu. They don't have teddy bears there -- but they do have porgs -- that's me with one of them.
     Even the toys are strange -- here are shelves of Kowakian monkey-lizards. I can't imagine cuddling one of these!
      Batuu is a very hot planet -- they have three suns. And Batuuans don't say "hello," they say "bright suns."
     A lot of work on the planet is done by robots called Droids.

     Maybe you have seen a Star Wars movie -- R2-D2 is a Droid. At the cantina -- a place where Batuuans go to get something to drink -- the DJ is a Droid -- R-3X.

     They have different kinds of foods, too. They drink blue or green milk. Miss Elaine drank some and said it was really good. She also had a vegetable meatball and a yummy dessert.

     In the Star Wars story, the good guys -- the Resistance -- have been defeated by the bad guys -- the First Order. Members of the Resistance are hiding out on Batuu. Their equipment is all old and rusty and they are trying to rebuild their force to combat the First Order.
     Their most important piece of equipment is the Millennium Falcon -- a space ship described as "a piece of junk."

     This is me by the Millennium Falcon.

     Some members of the First Order have come to Batuu to look for the members of the Resistance. They have an army of Storm Troopers who question the Batuuans about the Resistance.

     This is the TIE Echelon, the space ship of the leader of the First Order.

     The Star Wars stories are exciting and it's fun to pretend to be in one. Here was the most exciting thing. Miss Elaine got to pilot the Millennium Falcon. 

     They weren't going to let me go because I am not tall enough -- but they let me ride in Miss Elaine's purse. You can see through the front of the ship -- it looks like you are really flying around buildings and over mountains and are ducking asteroids. Miss Elaine was a really bad driver and we had several crashes. Since it was just make-believe, we didn't get hurt.
     This was a really great trip but I'm glad I don't live on Batuu. I hope you enjoyed our visit!


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