Monday, November 2, 2015

Fuzzy Goes to Madrid

Hola, Kids,

I hope you got my postcards -- so you know I am in Spain.  Miss Elaine and I are at a restaurant called Platea. That's a strange name for a restaurant because it means a certain kind of seating in a theater. But this restaurant used to be a movie theater so that's why.  The restaurant has several levels. We were eating in an area where people order small plates of food called tapas -- they share with one another and usually get several plates so they can try different things.

Lots of people like to shop when they travel.  We went to a big department store and I found a friend. Her name is Carolina. In the toy department there were many of the same toys we have here in Los Estados Unidos (that's Spanish for The United States) -- even Elsa and Spiderman toys.

Our favorite thing to do is sightseeing. We loved the beautiful buildings with their pretty colors and little balconies. Many of them had red tiled roofs.  There were lots of trees in downtown Madrid and a number of beautiful parks.

One of the parks was called the Plaza de Espana (Square of Spain) -- it was right across the street from our hotel.  There is a huge monument there to Spain's most famous author, Miguel de Cervantes. His most famous book is called "Don Quixote."  This is a statue of Don Quixote (on the horse) and his friend Sancho Panza (on a donkey). Some day you may want to read this book.

Miss Elaine and I got to see the Royal Palace (the one on the post card I sent you). We bought the card and the stamps nearby.  We didn't have time to see inside the palace.  It is very big -- there are more than 3,000 rooms.  I would like to go back to Madrid some day and see it.  There are lots of things to see in Madrid and we were only there for two days!

This was my very favorite thing in Madrid!  We met a very nice policeman and he let me sit on his horse. The police in Madrid have regular police cars and motorcycles but I like it that they still have horses, too.

Madrid was very beautiful and people were very friendly. As we say in Spanish, "Me gusta Espana!'  That means "I like Spain!"  Any way you say it, Spain is a wonderful country!



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