Friday, October 8, 2010

Silver Dollar City

Hi Kids,

I'll bet some of you have been to Silver Dollar City in Branson. This was my first visit and I was excited! I saw lots of craftspeople making things the way they did in the old days. This man is called a cooper -- he makes barrels and buckets.

We went to a wood-carver's studio and I found these bears. They weren't very talkative and they weren't cuddly at all.

This lady is making soap. It was very hot and didn't smell very good. After it cooks, she will put it in a tray and let it get hard. Then she cuts it in bars. It doesn't make bubbles at all -- but it will get you clean.

Miss Elaine is not much fun -- she wouldn't go on any of the fast rides. At least she did take me on the train ride. Some bad men tried to rob the train -- it was just a joke, though. I wasn't scared.

I had a really good day. The weather was beautiful and, as you can see, there were lots of pretty fall decorations.



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